Lynne Garon CSCS



  • Yoga
  • Golf Biomechanics
  • Pilates (The Method)
  • Strength Training
  • Water Aerobics
I have been certified by the Pilates PhysicalMind Institute in Pilates Matwork; Standing Pilates; Pilates Apparatus; and Pilates Repertoire. With this intensive training, I am able to integrate Pilates exercises and philosophies into customized training programs for my clients. My exercise facility includes a variety of Pilates machines, including a Cadillac; Reformer; Wunda Chair; Ladder Barrel; Spine Corrector; and accessories.

With a certification in Golf Biomechanics from the C.H.E.K. Institute, I am able to work with golfers to help them improve their game performance by focusing on strength and flexibility. I use targeted exercise to increase power, distance, and consistency.

Demographic Groups

Individuals in their middle ages and senior citizens benefit from my ability to help them prevent injury, reduce common joint pain, and achieve a target body weight. The benefits are more than physiological; getting into shape and becoming healthy helps improve many other areas of life, and makes waking up each morning more of a pleasure.

Young adults and athletes can greatly benefit from personal training. By introducing safe and realistic workout habits – including flexibility, aerobics and strength training -- clients can learn how to stay healthy both in the short and long term. Perhaps most importantly for young adults, staying fit and at a target weight helps increase self-esteem and makes it easier to be active in sports and other recreational activates.

Those recovering from injuries can use personal training to speed their recovery and prevent future injury. I work especially with clients facing injuries to the back; knee; rotator cuff; hip; feet; or other areas. These clients can greatly benefit from specialized exercises and a balanced overall fitness routine.

How can personal training work for you? Please contact me to learn more about how a personalized fitness program will help you achieve wellness and feel better about your body.



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